Does BALM A034 contain parabens?

No, the formula does not include water which means there is no need for parabens.

Does BALM A034 contain water?

No, it’s a rich waterless formulation.

Could I just use Almond oil on my skin and would it be just as effective?

Yes you could, but would not be as effective. BALM A034 is blended to include various vitamins, antioxidants, plant oils and butters, in order to be as potent and efficacious as possible for men’s skin.

Why is the Balm in an airless bottle rather than a pot?

It’s in an airless pump system to ensure freshness of ingredients, a pot is prone to contamination of the ingredients.

How soon will I start seeing results.

It depends how dry your skin is: you will notice an immediate change but if using twice everyday you will notice your skin being smoother, softer and healthier over weeks and months as well.

Is the formulation vegan?

No, although MELOGY BALM A034 does contain a high percentage of plant oils and butters it also contains beeswax which is an animal derived product.

How is men’s skin different to women’s?

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s, it ages less quickly, produces more sebum and is therefore oilier, has bristles in places and also is more prone to irritation due to shaving. MELOGY BALM A034 has been formulated with all these factors in mind.

How can I prevent ageing?

The most important way of preventing ageing is to use an SPF and stay out of direct sunlight. In addition to this regular moisturising with MELOGY BALM A034, which is full of powerful antioxidants, will also help prevent the formation of fine lines and smooth out the ones that are extant.

Is MELOGY BALM A034 an organic product?

MELOGY BALM A034 is a totally pure and natural product which contains a high percentage of organic ingredients. Amongst the organic oils in the formulation are Rose Hip, Jojoba seed, Evening Primrose and Argan.

How can I prevent inflammation caused by shaving?

MELOGY BALM A034 contains plant oils high in vitamins which not only moisturise but provide anti-inflammatory protection especially during and after shaving.